Tips To Optimize Your Blog

While planning to launch a website or blog, you will have to make sure that you have done enough research and you are willing to work hard for the promotion and management of the blog.

It is going to be worth mentioning here that you are going to have to implement everything that could help you get better response from people searching for type of content or product you are promoting. But it doesn’t mean that you need implement everything at once. As a matter of fact, you cannot focus on multiple factors at once. There are several factors that you need to work on. But we are going to mention only a few ones.

Targeting the right keyword

Keywords business concept with businessman touching the smartphone.

Today, we talk lot about keywords in order to declare them useless for SEO; but the matter of fact is that they are even more important now. The keyword research has transformed from bare keywords to search queries based on intent to search for specific pages or content. Moreover, you are also going to have to look for the keywords being used by your competitors who are doing well in search results.

Influence of word count on blog SEO

Remember, it is not certainly a quality of a good blog to necessarily have bigger word count. If you are aiming at producing large content rather than focusing on the quality, you are making a huge mistake. It is a good idea to focus on the content generated by your competitors in the industry. You can evaluate their content to find out what exceptional practice they are sticking with in order to get on the top of search results. You can either follow their approach to at least catch up with the competition or you can do a bit of reverse engineering to do better than what they do.

Page speed

Page speed has become a ranking factor in the recent couple of years. Although it has not been implemented to its fullest, it is going to be one of the major ranking factors sooner than later. Therefore, speeding up your website or blog is one of the major requirements that you will need to fulfill.

Compatibility of your blog

Compatibility in this scenario refers to the blog’s ability show what it has in all the browsers and devices. If your website or blog is unable to respond in specific browsers or devices, you are actually missing an opportunity to target a bigger audience.

Page titles

You need to pay attention to the titles of the pages. The matter of fact is that titles actually tell the search engines about the type of pages they belong to. Moreover, you will need to avoid making titles too short or too long. Keep in mind the character limit set by Google while creating a title.

Image optimization

Alt text and Alt title of the images play huge rule in the Page’s SEO. These titles and description provide great value to the overall discoverability of your website.


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