Basic SEO Principles As Suggested By Google

In this article, we are going to discuss about the Google’s guidelines for effective SEO. Sean O’Keefe, form Google, tells that staying on top of the Google is equally challenging for the people working for Google as it is for the other site owners.

There are about 7,000 websites owned Google and these websites are managed by several marketing teams. Thus, the sites owned by Google are not given any privilege just because they belong to Google. Therefore, Google teams have to follow webmaster’s guidelines in order to stay on the top of Google. Another factor that has its impact on the overall SEO is that there are about 200 changes made in the sites owned by Google on everyday basis.

That’s why we’ve put in place a cohesive website SEO strategy that we can rely on no matter what fresh changes are introduced — and that anyone else with a website can learn from.

Good thing is that Google has now revealed some basic principles about the SEO of its sites so that other website owners could get a benefit.

Small changes have huge importance

If you want to gain something bigger, you have to make sure that you are not ignoring even the smallest of changes because it can have negative impact on your overall SEO approach.

The Google My Business marketing site, for example, saw a near 2X increase in organic traffic, 1 partly because the team implemented a number of web fundamental best practices, such as showing search engines what URLs to index by implementing canonicals.

In the graph below, there are some changes mentioned that have helped sites owned by Google to get bigger traffic.

It is important to respond positively to the change

As people get more educated about how to search on Google, they change their way to search. As a result, Google has to implement changes in order to fulfill their requirements. Now, if you want to do well while working on the SEO of your website, you will have to make sure that you are ready to embrace those changes rather than hating them.

Below is what Google tells about its experience after changing its way to deal with the change in the search behavior.

For example, last year we focused on fixing Google Search Console errors, implementing structured data, and adding AMP to the Think with Google site. After we fixed one common AMP error on a number of URLs, those impressions increased by 200%.

Go for the consolidated approach

When you face a situation in which you are required to create different small websites with similar content, it would be better to create one. The reason is that creating multiple websites this way can make things look like they are duplicating; something which is never a desirable property.


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